Bunker is a casual fine dining restaurant with craft beer and cocktails. Our flavors are inspired by the culinary landscape of modern day metropolitan American cities like LA, SF, and NYC. We dedicate and pride ourselves on sourcing ingredients of the highest quality and sustainability from both in and out of Thailand. Bunker is a place where simplicity, quality, and attentive care come together to provide an enjoying dinning experience.

Our Food


Our food is designed to highlight humble ingredients grown and raised in the best environment available, in an energetic and casual atmosphere. The plates vary from small tapas style bites and appetizers to large format dishes. Our casual open family style service is designed to encourage the customer to engage in the social pleasure of dining out with friends and loved ones rather than be restricted by formality.

Chef Arnie’s cooking is an energetic blend of southern comfort, New York classics, Mexican zest, the freshest pickings from Thai markets and farms, and the world’s finest foods, from Wagyu to foie gras. It’s seasonal and surprising, but always reliably delicious. Here at Bunker, He’s taking on old methods of cooking, heritage breeds, family-style servings, comfort recipes—and making them feel new again.

This is Arnie, to a T, and he’s brought to Bangkok his cultural curiosity, and a love of tradition balanced by a superb talent at experimentation. He’s always working on something new. But have a look at our current menu and then try telling us Bunker isn’t the safest of harbors from which to embark on an exciting eating excursion.