The Experience

  • Graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, New York
  • Jean-Georges (3 Michelin stars)
  • Marea (2 Michelin Stars)
  • Corton (2 Michelin Stars)
  • Alto (2Michelin Stars)
  • The Elm (James Beard Award semifinalist)
  • Aldea (1 Michelin Star)
  • Docle Stil Novo (1 Michelin Star)
  • Ai Fiori (1 Michelin Star)


Don’t buy Chef Arnie Marcella’s tough-guy front. Yep, he describes himself as “uncompromising” in his standards, but he’s also a sentimental softie. Every dish that comes out of his kitchen also comes from a specific time and a place, or maybe several all at once.

OK, we know, these are the facts that you’re supposed to care about: a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Arnie in New York worked at Jean-Georges (three Michelin stars), Marea (two Michelin Stars) and Corton (two Michelin stars), and ran the kitchens of The Elm (James Beard Award semifinalist) and Aldea (one Michelin star).

Born and raised in New York City, Chef Arnie, a Filipino-American, was classically trained in Europe, opened and worked in top New York establishments and spent a year in Italy where he not only mastered the art of pasta making, but committed himself to the Slow Food movement. His passions are Japanese food, Thai food and revisiting classic Filipino cuisine. It’s this broad multiculturalism, combined with a forager soul, a fine palate, a casual vibe, a knowledge of the rules and a willingness to break them that defines today’s generation of new American chefs—of which Arnie is an enthusiastic export. Chef Arnie is highly committed to working with local farmers, fisherman and artisanal producers to showcase their hard work and superior ingredients.

 “Cooking gives you the opportunity to express yourself, your feelings, your history, your stories,” Arnie says. “I feel very fortunate to have experienced so many places and tasted so many foods that I love. I want to share that with people.”

He also wants to share the wealth. A devotee of Bangkok’s markets who’s borderline obsessed with his garden on Bunker’s roof, Arnie is committed to working with local farmers, fishermen and artisanal producers to showcase their hard work and superior ingredients. Think of him as not just a chef but a culinary curator who traffics in sweet nostalgia. Come join him for the tour.


Beverage Director

“Growing up, wine was as common on the dinner table as salt and pepper”

You couldn’t find a nicer guy to talk wines with than Andreas Pergher. A warm, funny guy who effortlessly ensures everyone’s having a good time, he’s like the glue that binds any great gathering. He’s also way deep into wine.

Growing up, wine was as common on the dinner table as salt and pepper,” says this American whose Argentine father immersed him in a wine-drinking culture from an early age. Andreas set up the original wine program at Wine Republic Thonglor, one of the first beachheads in Bangkok’s modern drinking game. He had moved to Thailand at a fortuitous time, when wine really started exciting the city, and—lucky him!—he was in a prime position to dive in and taste new wines every day.

Thanks to his long friendships with all kinds of importers, Bunker is able to bring you interesting, hard-to-get wines, beers and other beverages from all over the world. Thanks to his curious nature (and perhaps unusually strong liver), he’s our own walking, talking drinking encyclopedia. His first professional foray into the field came working for the non-profit organization in New York, when he had to learn about wines and hospitality in order to represent the Vatican; he has degrees in International Relations and History; and, for those counting, he’s got his WSET Level III certification, once he realized all the knowledge he had acquired he figured it was time to open his own place, with help from the AmericanChefSupply company he was able to build one of the finest restaurant in the area, a restaurant that has an excellent reputation thanks to his work. 

All of these assets combine to make him the perfect vessel for facts and advice on all things wine. Go on, ask him. A dry dissertation you won’t get. Andreas believes wine should be fun, not fraught. We say, let’s play.