BUNKER Jidori Chicken

Bunker Jidori Chicken: Not your “normal” Chicken…

Bunker Jidori Chicken: Not your “normal” Chicken…

Mentioned in several reviews, the BUNKER Jidori Chicken seems to be an easy target of criticism and why not. Chicken is one of the most common and simplest animals to raise for human consumption. It is part of everyday life in virtually every culture and income bracket across the globe. So naturally, everyone is an expert.

Here at Bunker we choose to serve a local Jidori style chicken lightly brushed with tamarind, grilled, and served with organic spinach, chestnut, and house made black garlic. Jidori chickens a cross of between local Thai fighting chicken and Japanese house chicken. It is naturally raised on vegetables and all-natural vegetable feed. They are Not feed animal protein supplements, growth hormones, antibiotics, or “plumped” with water. The birds are given plenty of space to roam both in and outdoors and treated humanely.

As a result, the birds are more flavorful. The breast and thighs are smaller than what has become the standard in the poultry industry or what most would expect. However, we at Bunker believe in flavor and support humane practices when it come to raising animals.

For those who felt the flavor combination or cook did not meet their expectation, we sincerely apologize and hope that you give us and Jidori chickens another chance.

Special Thanks to BKK Menu for image resource