Cockatiel: Bird Species Profile

A cockatiel is actually a well-known option for a household pet bird. Due to their smaller sized size, cockatiel care as well as taming are actually simpler than other parrot species. These birds are actually excellent at whistling as well as you can easily teach them to sing along to tunes.

Types Overview
COMMON NAMES: Cockatiel, tiel, quarrion (quarrian), weiro (weero).

TAXONOMIC NAME: Nymphicus hollandicus.

ADULT SIZE: 12 or thirteen inches, weighing in between 2 to 4 ozs.

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 15 to twenty years along with proper care, as well as in some cases just as long as 30 years though this is actually uncommon.

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Origin and History.

In their native Australia, cockatiels are phoned quarrions or weiros. They mainly live in the Outback, an area of the north component of the continent. Discovered in 1770, they are the littlest participants of the cockatoo household. They exhibit most of the very same functions and habits as the bigger bird. In bush, they live in sizable groups.

Cockatiels ended up being preferred as dogs throughout the 1900s. They are easy to breed in captivity as well as their mild, pleasant personalities create them an all-natural fit for home lifestyle. These birds can easily no more be caught as well as shipped coming from Australia.


These little birds are delicate, caring, and also typically like to be cuddled and kept. They are actually not necessarily keen on cuddling. They merely want to be near you as well as will be very pleased to find you.

Cockatiels are generally helpful; having said that, an untamed bird may nip. You may prevent bad habits at a very early age through neglecting poor actions as these birds strive to feel free to. Certainly never reprimand the bird; this can trigger it to become nervous around people. Compensate etiquette and ignore the negative.

Cockatiels are actually smart birds as well as can easily discover a variety of techniques with time. From sounding as well as swaying to bell ringing, they’re wise little birds that will enjoy a brand new obstacle. A lot of cockatiels will definitely also maintain on their own occupied for hours speaking to the “some others bird” in a looking glass.

Speech as well as Vocalizations.

Cockatiels pronounce and also sound yet are actually not as loud as some other parrots. Through online reputation, guys have the upper hand for imitating speech and whistles. Women cockatiels are no slouch; they are really good at mimicry, also. Either sex might duplicate sounds coming from your home, featuring alarm clocks, phones, and also wild birds outside.

Cockatiel Colors and Markings.

The wild cockatiel has a gray body system with a yellowish face and also crest and orange cheek spot. The different colors on the surface are actually brighter as well as more vivid in the man. The lady possesses bars on the underside of the rear feathers.

Nourished in bondage for the pet field, numerous shade mutations built throughout the years. The best usual variants include:.

  • Albino: Lack of feather coloring.
  • Lutino: White bird with yellow mask, orange cheeks, as well as reddish eyes.
  • Pied: Typical untamed cockatiel colours changed along with a yellow or even beige different colors.
  • Gem, laced, or opaline: Spotting of a variety of different colors that makes very small “gems” along its own plumes.
    Cinnamon, fawn, or even Isabelle: Gray plumes with a hot or brownish tan shade.
  • Silver: Recessive silver and dominant silver cockatiel mutation; recessives have cool grey feathers as well as red eyes; dominants have a warmer grey shade and also dark eyes.
    Various other anomalies consist of emerald green, creamface, pastelface, whiteface, and yellow cheek cockatiels.

Variations between guys and also girls vary by pigmentation. These variations can often be actually tough to identify, particularly in younger birds. For definite sexing, take into consideration genetic testing.

Caring for the Cockatiel.

A pair of birds will certainly make great company for every other. They may not connect as properly along with you or copy pep talk and also appears. Keeping a single bird is alright, but you need to invest a notable quantity of your time interacting with the cockatiel daily. Obtain a pair of birds to avoid isolation as well as self-harming habits if your lifestyle creates this difficult.

These birds are actually naturally disorganized and also they produce fine-grained dirt on their feathers. It is made use of in grooming and also may leave a powdery finish on crates as well as add-ons. Bathe or spray your bird along with water when a full week. Normal cleansing of the crate is important. Several cockatiel cages include an easily removable base holder to create the task easier.

You do certainly not yearn for the bird to obtain its head recorded in the cage. Horizontal crate bars give the best option for the bird to climb as well as obtain much-needed physical exercise. The bird must be capable to simply relocate between the perches.

Affix your cockatiel’s airfoils as well as nails two times a year. You can possibly do it your own self, however you need to discover the proper technique, or else it is actually incredibly quick and easy for these birds to hemorrhage to fatality. If you’re awkward using this, a bird vet or dog breeder may do it for you.

Cockatiels are subject to a handful of house dangers. Stay away from positioning the bird’s cage in drafty locations or near the home kitchen. Fumes coming from hot Teflon cookware can easily eliminate these birds.

Common Health Problems.

The absolute most common health and wellness concern having an effect on cockatiels is dietary insufficiency. Frequently, they simply eat seeds. The nutrients found in fruit products, veggies, and a pellet-based diet plan are necessary for avoiding malnutrition.

Cockatiels are prone to obtaining fatty liver ailment, which comes from diet problems, exposure to hazardous drugs, or even an underlying metabolic ailment. To lower the threat of your cockatiel getting this condition, make certain your bird acquires a different diet regimen as well as keep it out of pesticides, pesticide deposits on fruits and veggies, as well as seethes from cleaning products.

A lot of birds are actually susceptible to respiratory system illness and psittacosis, a harmful microbial infection that can result in breathing signs and symptoms like hissing, sneezing, coughing, and nasal ejection. At the 1st indication of sickness, take your bird to an avian animal medical practitioner. Performing swiftly may conserve your bird’s life.

Diet as well as Nutrition.

Seeds should be actually absolutely no additional than 30 per-cent of the bird’s diet. Pelleted diets are actually usually the right option for birds as they are nutritionally well balanced and also birds can not pick out their preferred seeds and also leave behind the remainder.

To see to it that your bird obtains all the nutrients it needs, use an assortment of clean vegetables and also fruit. As a whole, a cockatiel eats concerning 1 tablespoon of food items daily. This is actually why what enters into that tbsp concerns.

Give as a lot as the bird will definitely eat. These birds are all-natural foragers in the wild, where they eat lawn fruits, seeds, as well as vegetations. Remove what they do not eat after an hour; do not supply your bird messing up food.

If your bird favors an all-seed diet, you will certainly require to be constant in receiving them to eat coming from a much more assorted food selection. Sprouted seeds are actually also a great means to add range to your bird’s diet.


Like any sort of parrot, tasks are going to make a cockatiel delighted and help preserve its own physical and mental health and wellness. Be sure it’s large sufficient for the bird to fly if your bird invests many of the opportunity in a crate. Supply lots of playthings that may stimulate the bird’s all-natural inclination to play. Perches, ladders, as well as playthings need to be plentiful however certainly not relevant that it prevents the bird’s motion around the cage.

Offer your cockatiel at the very least a hr outside the cage if you can. This is not as essential as it is actually with other parrots, out-of-cage assists with socializing and allows the bird to flex its own airfoils.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a Cockatiel.

When picking a bird, it is actually best to choose a hand-fed infant or a minimum of a youthful bird that has actually been managed on a regular basis. Rates will definitely vary with different colors, and you can assume to pay for a bit much more coming from a conscientious breeder. A well-handled younger bird may set you back $100 to $300.

Cockatiels are actually widely readily available at pet dog retail stores, however these birds may possess an unidentified past history. Therefore, they might be much older, certainly not used to become managed, and also harder to tame.

Steer clear of a bird that is actually resting gently along with puffy feathers; it could be actually ill. The bird’s feathers must be actually hassle-free and bright and also set down flat on the body. The feathers around the vent/cloaca (opening where bird eliminates feces and also pee) should be actually clean, completely dry, and also free of undigested issue.

Internet saves, fostering companies, as well as dog breeders where you can easily discover cockatiels include:.

  • Use a Pet.
  • Petfinder.
  • Bird Breeders.

A cockatiel is actually a well-liked selection for a pet bird. Cockatiels are actually intelligent birds and can easily find out a selection of methods over opportunity. Pelleted diet plans are actually typically the ideal choice for birds as they are nutritionally balanced and birds can’t pick out their beloved seeds and leave behind the rest.

If your bird invests many of the opportunity in a crate, be actually sure it’s huge enough for the bird to fly. When deciding on a bird, it is actually best to pick a hand-fed child or at minimum a younger bird that has actually been taken care of frequently.

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